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application & removal

Nita-Nails TOP Tips & Tricks

Your guide to perfect application, gentle removal and TLC with Nail-Love.

Preparation is Key



1- Finding Your Size

Have your sizes ready and in order for a quick and hassle-free application.
Any reshaping of Nail-Fits should be done at this time.

Too Small?

Wearing a size too small will squeeze and compress the natural nail.

Too Small?

Your natural nail shouldnt be visible/exposed.

Too Big

The press-on should not be wider than your natural nails.

Too Big

A size too big causes the adhesive to weaken due to dirt and bacteria that enters.


Fitting Right!

Nailed it!

The correct size shouldn't cause pain OR touch any skin surrounding the natural nail.

Buff, Clean & Prep!

2- Preparation

The Most Important Step! For best adhesion ensure nail beds are clean from all previous nail treatments such as nail polish, shellac, sns etc.
Lightly buff your natural nails with the file provided and/or using Nita-File (recommended) to create a rough base.

Step 1- Buff

Buff away ridges, dirt, grime, and built-up residue. Creates a clean, rough base.

Step 2- Clean

Use the alcohol wipe provided to remove dust and adhesive residue. Provides a dust-free, sterile. rough base.

Step 3- Prep & Prime

Apply a thin layer of Nita-Nails Dehydrator. Enhances adhesion and prolongs wear time.

Trialed and Tested

3- Nailed It!

Trialed and Tested! We believe the Nita-Way is the best way to maximise the wear of Nail-Fits using both Glue Tabs and Nita-Bond Nail Glue.
(Have your own fool proof method? Do You!)

Step 1- Finding Your Size

Find the Glue Tab size which best fits your natural nail.

Remove backing, apply to your natural nail and press firmly for secure adhesion between the Glue Tabs and your natural nail.

Step 2- Press & Peel

Remove backing from Glue Tab.
(We highly recommend applying one nail at a time.)
If you are between sizes, opt for the larger Glue Tab and mould it to the shape of your natural nail.

Step 3- Nita-Bond Nail Glue

Apply Nita-Bond Nail Glue on the edges of the Glue Tab.

Be careful not to flood the cuticle area with glue.

Step 4- Nail It!

Holding by the tip, apply the nail which best fits your natural nail.

Firmly hold and press to rid any air pockets.

gentle and pain-free


Avoid pulling your Nail-Fits!
Attempting to remove Nail-Fits with excessive pulling can cause serious damage to your natural nails. 

1. Soak it

After Soaking in tolerably hot water, gently slide and pull the nail away from the cuticle. Always pull horizontally and never upwards.

2. Be Gentle

Use the cuticle stick provided to gently push Glue Tab away from cuticle area. 
Repeat this process until Nail-Fits are removed.



Nourishing & illuminating


Ultra-Nourishing, Hydrating and Illuminating.
Light weight, Non-greasy & Non-drip formula.
Conditions cuticles and promotes nail growth.

Use alone or mix in a few drops with your favourite moisturiser.


Best applied to freshly cleansed and dried hands.

Less is more

Apply a coin size amount to the back of hands.

Absorbs quickly

Massage the product into the skin focusing on nail beds and cuticles.


Nourish, Hydrate and Illuminate. Promotes nail growth and conditions skin.


Nita-Nails Dehydrator

Removes oils and residues on the nail bed to support maximum adhesion. 

Apply a thin layer of Nita-Nails Dehydrator. Enhances adhesion and prolongs wear time. Allow a few seconds for the product to dry.